humanity has been fighting itself for a long time

stock image of two crazed minds raging against sexual competition, in reality this is highly erotic to cis-cows, that’s the official term for elephants that give birth and suckle their young, just don’t milk them for cheese production, elephants kick forwards

we fight the earth, and lose

we didn’t destroy ourselves

the majority decided long ago to ignore the wishes of the rich

stock image of someone who wants to be rich, and has assumed that if they wear a transparentish banker’s hat with dollar signs that will make them look rich, and looking rich is being rich right, really, seriously buying that one, omg lol lmfao wtf ppl smh ffs ikr stfu mcm

the war between the rich and poor has been waging for so long it’s normal

500,000 CE humanity no longer wages war, not enough people left

the earth recovers

the cycle starts again

stock image of an egg timer that measures the time it takes for the observer to decide when the next grain of sand will probably fall through the virtual particle void space between two equally possible realities, all simultaneously via superposition

– Scia Vetala, 2022

1 million years CE