where is the truth really, like truth is something that can be manipulated

truth is truth, anything other than this is a lie, absolute truth, does it exist

so scientists, what hope can you give us

so religion, what peace do you offer

so economist, how wealthy can you make me

build for your child, they may say

it’s called indoctrination, they indoctrinate your children with consumerism

I appear to be someone who believes this may be incorrect

I do not understand the concept that violence can mean love, or corporal punishment is ever valid

you wish to hit, hit yourself, slap your own face and turn the other cheek, be at one with being the village idiot

do what you want to yourself, that’s fine, just leave it in your bedroom not at a non-sex-work environment, thanks

were you brought up in a barn, as my grandparents said

they were truly admirable, they stood up to that fascist trying to take over the world

take your pick of enemy no1; capitalist, militaristic, empires for the few, slavery for the many

how much more do they wish to take from everyone, the billions of us against the billions of numbers encrypted in a storage system somewhere

if you wish to undermine capitalism, start bartering again, looks like begging to the capitalist

they took money from us, let’s show them money doesn’t matter when we rise above this insufferable way of life

this is our cruelty, we see someone destitute we don’t like it, we turn away

this is truth, this is what can happen if you allow your guard against fascism to fall

we are British, we now fight fascism, and we will start here with our votes, our protests

protests are illegally taken by an unelected force, how do we voice our opinion on vital matters

being cruel, we know what cruelty looks like, hey, foxhunter, cat killer

how could I cheer the jubilee, voice my support of the system, be noisy about it

I see little pride in the monarch, speak up

the monarch must have a primary duty to their people, not the government

wouldn’t it be shattering to see the queen voice her honest opinion of her government, does she think they’re doing a good job, or does a post-Cromwellian law really mean that much you’re willing to sacrifice your own people for it, be human not a monarch

so many are dying at their hands, they’ve created a monster, it’s eating itself alive, they reckon they’ll survive, they’re banking on it

this is the weakness in their ankles, as the saying goes

so much suffering, and it could be mostly avoided if we chose a fairer social system than one nation partying

where’re the real centre-right, the ones that respect the past, are they history too

what we have is not a center-right government, we have a government of selfish excess, one massive wank party

they partied while your loved ones died often in a lonely place, this will never be forgotten, this stain on the history of the center-right politics will be damned near impossible to wash out

you destroyed yourselves, you without moral compasses, faithful charlatans, pretender to the emperor’s potty

eat up, there’s plenty more what that comes from, it’s pretty much the pm’s invention, so arrogant he actually admitted it on air before he got to be pm

what a way to eat yourself up, what a weird hell the cabinet are conjuring up for themselves

I’d warn them, but I suspect they know, deep down, in the darkness of never hearing no without a cock being involved

bad boy’s cabal, devious little so and so on top, born in the big apple, means he might run for president one day, president of the world, president big apple

who thinks he’ll survive this time, who’s going to allow it, control the narrative

the old empires went for propaganda around a figurehead

the new ones simply own a controlling share of the figureheads, power of the monarch is something the government has, it’s a stupid law, abolish it now

make a new one that lets the monarch have freedom of speech, and will only receive universal credit if they don’t earn enough to live with dignity

fairly paid for the proven responsibility that is required to be the figurehead of a country, if they’re paid I want to know what their job is and why such a high profile person isn’t allowed to express their honest views, or is it a complicit lie

human rights start with the rights of the human who is playing monarch to freedom of speech, earn your majestic keep, please

uncomfortable lie, a claim to their appointment coming from the absolute truth itself, hell of a claim

prove to us that you truly have the power of the holy trinity, please

show the compassion and love that your saviour taught you

show the fearlessness to speak up when necessary

show what you think of placing profit before people

this isn’t a political view, this is a religious one

I don’t speak for other religions, I speak as someone who knew another religion very well, and disagreed with many of the points, except the teaching on love and compassion

but wisdom is wielded by the experts, if your experts fail to keep up with the times you’ll fail

adaptation may mean dissolution into the emptiness that it arose from

stay quiet, fade away if you’re no longer saviours of the people, with kindness, respect, compassion, love, and wisdom

– Thom Mithowlin-Brow, 2022

don't take my word for, it's just option, not fact