politeness is a sophisticated invention

I have heard that good manners are difficult to remember

stock image of Jimbee Vanloover playing something about yellow ribbons on a cardboard guitar to a woman waiting for her husband to return from an exceptionally long shit

I like woke rules, they’re too complicated, confusing, and nonsensical to anyone who doesn’t like thinking about the feelings of other people

who gives a crap about other people, just sort yourselves out

is this a good way of thinking, are they polite and well mannered

people who lie are not polite, they don’t make sense

people who steal from others, like people who control the most money, are not welcome at home or abroad

do you welcome rich people who want to control you

stock image of a git realising that the person he’s been trolling knows where he lives and will almost certainly get away with murdering him and thoroughly desposing of his bloodsoaked remains

I welcome wise people to speak to me, the wise get my support

find the wise in peace

you will only find them in a peaceful world

peace we can do when we’re not experiencing fear, this is why the government induces fear in us, keeps us under control

without fear we rise up, willing to die for our children’s future

have we been choosing our leaders based on what we want, or on the happiness of our children

hippy, peace, love, happiness, drugs and anal, well maybe just four of them, not telling which, it’s not hippy btw

their peace, their world, their children

not yours, not mine, only their children

remember this when out and about

I will vet my speech as my mother and grandmother taught me

I will know how to argue thanks to my father and teachers

I only have what I write to say

take my speech and you take my liberty

or something like that

a libertarian, but I get it

hah, there’s no Swansonism here

I like good characters, even if I disagree with them

I’m not on any wing, I just bounce

I’m interested in my child’s future, ensuring that they’re happy, safe, and kind, I choose to love and respect them

look what we’ve done to their world

we destroyed their means of survival

we’re a failed species, our selfish gene finally killed itself, arrogance kills

not a fan of impolite people, functionally fixated fools masquerading as scientists

don’t know who they are, do you

respect people’s beliefs, it is the only way for peace to work

respect isn’t the same as endorsement

I respect that some people believe capitalism should be the driving force behind everything, it’s not but who cares

I respect that some people believe the earth is flat, in a small way it is, so kudos flatearther you’re right but only if the universe was Euclidean, it’s not it’s geometrically Riemannian, check out Einstein

or maybe it’s the other way round, depending on the observer I suppose

quantum links well to this one, maybe someone knows a theory that links those two pillars of physics, maybe along the lines of the observer

stock image of my home, wait why has a stock library got a photo of my home, damn those maverick googlehat people taking private photos as a sidehussle

don’t give me Tao of it though, I read it, liked it, but found that the Buddhist bit was way more interesting than the science bit

more helpful too

so I get science, I studied it to qualified graduate degree level

I get why it’s important, it’s methodology is beautiful, can be helpful sometimes

but what happens when you can’t do anything physically anymore

what happens when science fails to deliver

stock image of a dad saying “pardon me” after a nuclear explosion is let off, seriously though people were displaced, experimented on, and left to die because of these military science experiments

health care professionals are highly trained, highly valuable, and important, but they have their limits

when government tries to crush a system by punishing those that work in it, it is worth investigating

why do they attack such important people, because they’re experts, well trained, knowledgeable about relevant stuff, and have dedicated their time to benefiting others

do we support this behaviour in our government and it’s real supporters, their benefactors

look it went and pointed back to rich people again

stock image of King Charles I just before he was crushed to death by a fat Cromwell falling over some Irish folk that got in his way, seriously though Cromwell did really bad things to other people

glad I’m not rich, there’s a lot of arrowheads turning in that direction right now

those modern cavaliers are making themselves targets right now, I beg they stop and listen

listening is a real superpower, I’d love to have that ability

imagine a politician… I gave up there, I couldn’t imagine a polite, well mannered politician

sad that my view of every politician is now caked in the c*mfist of a f***wrangling m***feaster doucheshoot

stock image of the Buckminsterfullerene in all it’s majestic beauty, don’t science just make you well up inside like gallstones

I don’t know what to say, c**ts no longer works, it’s too tame

we need a new word to describe our leaders

misguided or ignorant would describe them, but I’m lost there isn’t a word that is capable of mocking them, c**ts

they need to go back to school, Eton is clearly a poor school to send your child to, look at who it allows to graduate

only a f***ing moron with more money than sense would bother with such an antiquated institution, old don’t mean right

humanity will swallow itself in this traditionalism, Black Rod is nonsense

CCTV footage of a suspect in a string of solarpanel thefts all across the south of England where the Tories live

there, I said it now, we were all thinking it

it is total nonsense to foreigners, it’s a curiosity, silly British traditions that walk silly, silly billies

silly little billies, stupid silly little billies, stupid silly little billy’s bones

don’t hate the Brits, unfortunately there’s a very loud, very small minority of us that are xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, and fascist

like everywhere in the world, there’s always a few assholes

they just manage to spoil it for the rest with their money addictions, desire to cause suffering to those that oppose them, vengeful, sociopathic, psychotic, f**knuckleness

why do I censor, who gives a f**k


stock image doge went searching for “stupid” and came back with this, stupid doge

Anon, n.d., Anon, [if I say wayo would you all en masse shout back wayo], Anon: Anon

stop labelling everything, it's boring, just stare at it with the cold dead eyes of a zombie