when a traditionally cis-man male heteroflexible character is suddenly changed into a cis-woman who is homoflexible the world takes notice

Nottingham Broadway, I think, has been a long time, I liked it there, but it did feel dangerous at times, ahhhhh Rock City, I can’t pass a urine stained shop door without remembering that place, a rock palace of piss, fingering and bjs, and good music

those women again, always doing stuff

like mothering, friending, loving and caring, and sometimes not at all

I want a world of peace and cooperation, some people want the opposite, who’s right

be careful believing you are right, I will strive to do the same

hate makes no sense

what do you want, to be happy

to be safe and secure

to belong

oh look it’s the right wing

or believe you’re right

I’m right and still get attacked by people who don’t understand what I’m saying

dog forbid that I should express my opinion

is that freedom of speech

I’d rather be left behind by the suffering, I’d rather just move to the peace now

mind is all we have to take with us at the end, and even our perception of it deteriorates eventually

back to the beginning again, and so the loop goes on, a quantum stability in the fabric of spacetime

it ain’t flat, it bulges in the middle, but she’s middle aged and it’s to be expected and rejoiced in, sorry that said more about me than the earth, great place, worth saving

hah, why fabric, I can’t wear it or stuff it full of fluff and sit on it

it is us, spacetime is a fundamentally probable outcome from our physical form

we are spacetime, spacetime is us

hah, sounding like a f***ing hippy now, try me with a bit more brooding punk and it’d be closer to the mark

I remember people with spikey coloured hair, I was probably only about 5

very striking to a 5 year old autistic with spiritually rebellious tendencies

anyway, enough of me, what was all this about

oh yeah, they don’t like Dr Who because they secretly hated a women playing the part, but the final straw was that the Doctor was once a black woman, yeah misogynistic racists right

the next iteration of the TARDIS, the Dr and companion have to dance their way through spacetime, all to the sound of K-pop instead of the usual crunchy wafts the old girl usually gives off

Anon, n.d., Anon, [punk jam sandwiches and 70s salt socialist crisps and a new wave of antifascist chocolate wafer bar down with pork marketing rightwingers], Anon: Anon

packed lunch time in the playground of my childhood rose tinted by going up north, better tea