everyone is just as important

just as special

stock image of a country lane just before the full force of the asteroid shockwave hits and destroys all life as we know it

troubles come when we forget all the other important people, why assume your importance is more important than others importance

who’s truth do you follow, is it just yours

did someone give it to you when you were little

did you buy it in a newsagents

watch on a telly

read it on social media

watched it stream into your eyes, and bask in the steamy glow of tick tocking

maybe you’re more of a boxsetter

trendsetting in boxsetting

stock image of people moving boxes of clandestine material from one location to another, in reality they are the Doctor and their companion, they went a bit retro on this one, still good to see they stuck on canon

ever watched your mind

if you do, you’re usually someone who watches their mouths too

freedom of speech is also freedom to think about what you’re saying

you don’t need my answers, you can wait

stock image of Gurtung Droitwich and his bed head, he was incarcerated recently for attempting to enter the EU illegally via the UKs only land border with the EU, Ireland, later he escaped as they had failed to confiscate his infamous bed head

you still think there’s such a thing as an illegal asylum seeker, no asylum seeker is a criminal because of their asylum status

they might be a criminal for some other reason, like an exiled dictator from a country recovering from fascist mass delusion

how can we believe anything from someone if they have a school report indicating they’re lazy and duplicitous

someone who has been fired for lying twice

stock image of an old white man getting a BJ from his ethnically and sexually ambiguous civil partner on his birthday, shortly after this they were arrested for lude public displays but we’re afforded the respect of a gender-neutral safe environment whilst incarcerated

party with your rich foreign sponsor

manage to get into government, become foreign secretary

manage to become prime minister, filling a cabinet with the worst character traits humanity has to offer

don’t sound good does it, not anyone’s dream of a happy life, what if it effected your child’s future

what if it’s your great grand child’s future

they’re so deluded that they actually believe they’re some kind of king of the world

stock image of the World King’s palace, this is the closest anyone is allowed to come, it’s deceptively far away, that’s it’s top poking over the horizon about 4 miles away, it’s very tall, almost reaching the sky where Baboozool lives, the great creator of all that lives in confusion and stupidity

what if I believe in myself so much that I actually believe everyone else must know too

so the only reason anyone would depose me is if they were jealous and devious adversaries that need to be stopped, because I’m more important than them

that’s a narcissist, sociopathic too, possibly psychopathic, will stop at nothing

still they’re not the only one to blame, an old prime minister helped put a psychopath in charge of the biggest nuclear power on earth

war criminals will not be forgotten pmtb, wars of aggression are still illegal if their legal basis proved to be wrong

they’re hanging from the tree again after working with the pm all night, who doesn’t lose a shoe or two on a good work night

anyway, modern humans are easily manipulated, abandoning virtue and morality because a rich narcissist promised them some scraps from their bloodsodden table

do you think that an action has no consequences

do you think that cruel actions will make your future happy

do you think dehumanisation will make you a better human

do you believe the rich man gets a free pass to heaven because they’re rich

heaven is a place on earth

I suppose it is for the rich, but if this is true most of earth is a hellscape in the making for the enslaved poor

stock image of a rich person hiding amongst the revolting peasants, better watch out you don’t go showing off your entitlement, it could be catastrophic, hah

are you a millionaire

are you a billionaire

well done for all the hard work you’ve done, well done, well done

like an overcooked slice of flesh, all your hard work ends as a hard pushed turd

what you work for, yourself, your family, your country, the good of all

sorry to say, unless you’re a millionaire or billionaire, then as long as you keep eating their shite you’re their slave

they convert your labour into profit, and pay you less than you’re worth

ffs why, what can we do about it

settle your minds in peace, the liars, the enslavers, the entitled, the leaders motivations are obvious, keep power whatever the cost to the people

they’ll look out of place in your peaceful world, they will be ignored naturally

they disappear gradually from your peaceful world

your world is not created by anyone else, your world is yours, take responsibility for it

stock image of Spetspaz the Magnitudent’s rope, sought after by all secret global elite clubs, it’s said that whoever wields the Rope of Spetspaz can make anyone momentarily crave beans and cheese on toast with yeast extract, it has discombobulated it’s adversaries into awkward pauses for at most 2 seconds, devastating their reputations on a short attention spanning audience

if your government gives you the freedom to decide who leads then they’re there because you want them there

I would rather die from a world of immoral leaders, and I will die from this world

how do you blackmail those that have abandoned what you think is important

how do you make a slave work when they’ve been given the cyanide to end it

I choose death from your world, meta or not, it’s not an act of spite, it’s an act of sanity, that’s the insanity the world

stock image of a man enjoying a massive release of trapped wind after Sunday roast with his very polite in-laws, it’s an allegory of the fight between nature and nurture, in the end nature always wins, even if you hold it long enough to wind up hospitalised

I’m disabled, I’m tired, I’m dying

and I welcome this realisation for the peace it will bring for me

for my child I stay with whatever energy is left

it’s all I can do, but I can’t change my view on this, this world has made it clear where it wants to go, and my body and mind simply refuse to follow

drag my dead body to your future if you wish, but I will no longer be there

speak about the memory of us with contempt, the dead no longer hurt

stack of old sexually ambiguous porn, enjoy

– Scia Vetala, 2022

the dead no longer hurt