all that doesn’t agree with those who crave power are told to us as the demons of society, the poor, the disabled, the foreign, the compassionate

protest against whatever you want, it’s your right, it’s your human right

take a political activist that campaigns against racism and apartheid, and make them look like racists and in favour of antisemitism

it’s only those that craved power that did this, not the people, they turned us against each other

just give up the sides and realise this is not the way

what do we really want from life

happiness and no suffering

in the extreme dehumanising nature of this world we are all nothing but bone dust in the end

so why do we support causing suffering to others through sacrificing our happiness to it

every angry thought directed by gossip to hate and hurt

if this is your behaviour, then this is your wish coming true

change our behaviour by studying peace, our world will start to become more peaceful

some have no homes for the most tragic circumstances, please remember this

this isn’t a message to the poor, it’s for the rich

the poor don’t have the time to party, they were busy surviving

at this moment there are thousands of people dying every week of COVID-19

the prime minister has been found to have broken the law that he helped create, lied about it repeatedly, and is still lying and avoiding the issue

am I baiting the gammons, why would I do this, the gammons aren’t my enemy, the ridiculously rich are

my eyes are tired of the suffering

the moguls, the oligarchs, the autocrats, the klepocrats, the dictators, their demons and their real masters

their real master’s mentality is twisted, distorted, selfish, dehumanising, cruel, malicious, narcissistic, popularist, manipulative, sociopathic, and doomed

eventually this mind only leads to one place, hell

what the hell, we don’t believe in hell, we’re scientific

if you can imagine it you can live it

scientific means respecting scientists, highly trained experts in their field, proven methods at getting results

so is this what we really believe in, we don’t pick up a newspaper because it’s headlines are click bait

they tell the truth that we want to hear, not the truth as most want to experience

they peddle pain, misery, disaster, hatred, war, nationalism as patriotism, patriotism as paramount, country before family, sacrifice that which you hold dear to ensure that our freedoms remain, distorted freedom

our leaders seem to be on continuous scam alert, trouble is they’re the biggest culprits

we do this at the expense of people’s lives, here and abroad

we tolerate our leaders condoning and encouraging weapon sales to people who use them to kill people that have no human rights, because they said so

these are the things that my grandfathers fought against in world war 2, yes I’m old enough to have known people who remembered this darkness

they were truly noble, they helped create the NHS, they supported socialist systems

imagine if these were the masks we had to wear, what if evolution takes a really hellish path and this is the only way to survive, grow up snowflakes and your aversion to your little bits of cloth, you don’t know how good you got it

they made my parents lives comfortable and prosperous, their socialism did this

am I a socialist, I’m a Buddhist, socialism simply matches many of the basic aspects of respect for others

others include every living being, without exception, this is more than socialism

pray to have the wisdom of our ancestors, they knew a torturous life at times, they fought against the fascist minds, they won and brought about a kinder society

I would encourage reading a little of Buddha’s teachings, it’s reach is remarkably accessible

it’s an ideal, but isn’t that what religion is about, why follow it if it’s not

but it’s a journey of questions, some are not comfortable to answer, some are wished away by distraction, all are our reality

we believe in this or that, but we choose to ignore questions that really answer why are we not happy

searching for peace is a joyful journey, this is a peaceful journey, why keep holding on for the blossom to grow

the cycle carries on until the fire engulfs all life, enjoy the moments as we’re heading for an uncertain future, it’s always been this way

the light to become brighter, the days longer, the enjoyment to increase, spring is here

craving after that which will come naturally, summer days

the oven readied sunlit uplands of Avalon, tastes like Sunday roast

dead things in a bowl, yummy

I am enjoying the vegan Sunday roast, I mainly like the potatoes, always have, but I’ll eat the meat if you insist, I just don’t know what animal I might stop at if I started, skinwalker

Scia Vetala, 2022

it's what the demon said, it's propaganda