when the way to distract the electorate from a law breaking lying leader is to go full fascist, it’s all you need to know about the delusions of self importance they must be suffering from

stock image of siblings playing games on a screen at dusk, their parents are exhausted after protecting them from a debilitating and unacceptably high fatality virus, they are happy, protected and will have a future, thanks to fearless parents, healthcare science, experts and professionals, you’re the heroes, not the government

they’re trying to defend their empire, they’re imposing that will on the people, they are hoping Tzar Vladimir wins, it’s all imperial bs

they’re built on lies, they have to be, empire was invented by someone a long time ago, it’s not an inherent part of anything other than belief

stock image of the first entry on a search for tzar, this is highly symbolic on par with the swastika, just vpn and duckduckgo it, you’ll find it interesting if you wish to see how semiotics functions in military political systems, again invented by someone in the past, it’s not inherent to anything other than belief

the universe has no empire outside the minds of living beings

most species don’t seem to understand what empire is and take no notice of it

humans are the most obvious proponents of this #metamemic mind

I just fooled my phone’s os that #metamemic is a real word, didn’t second time round, but it didn’t notice the first one so I’m taking that as a Shakespearean win†

imagine what you can do in the virtual world of your mind if you just had the right tech to see it with your eyes, and comprehended as brilliant

totally because of the mind, even the bits that seem chaotic were created by a mind perceiving them

chaos is just a perception, it’s not the true nature of the reality that is being perceived

stock image of something that looks on first glance quite awful, but in reality is just binary data being shunted around a classic computer system the size of a phone, and wrongly interpreted as a really awful concept that makes me want to tear my eyes out and scream like I’d just seen hell, and part of me liked it, arrrgh

† #metamemic – virtual reality based system that utilizes quantum ai components to read mental feedback from the user and present to the five senses the preferred reality immediately, in reality it’s a nightmare scenario that still ensures bad decisions lead to bad places that feel 100% real, it’s the reality that we conjured up for ourselves knowing and unknowingly, most people stuck in one spend most of the time in a living nightmare

– Fungible Memic Transmetaman, n.d.

see, told you #metamemic was a word someone made up