don’t talk about brexit club, second rule is first one is redundant

if we exit the eu, where’s the eu in brexit

there’s no usa in there either

just words, collections of letters, essentially meaningless on their own

just an alphabet, there are many, Latin is just one of these

our numbers are Arabic, far more efficient mathematically than Latin

Greek works well in sciences where mathematics is involved

Latin works well with the living things

some of our words are transliterations from Old English, Celtic, Norn, Old French, and loads of more exotic stuff, like curry, a word from Tamil but not quite

the British could be better with language, but our own is just too complicated sometimes, it makes no sense

but it seems stupid in its playful capacity, take freedom of speech you take right to make a sound whilst protesting, next thing you know you have a fascist in charge

then you can’t even scold someone who wolf whistles inappropriately, bye bye Mrs Whitehouse, standards and decency people

well done, you passed the test on how fucked up is fucked up

the how has always been what we cherish most, think about what that might be will give insight into your spiritual accomplishment

if you haven’t passed the first test; realising that it is yourself you cherish most, then this needs work

if you’re the most important thing then would you die to protect no one

do you have so little kindness in your life that no one else matters

if you find just one other person you would die for then you’ve passed the first hurdle

next one doesn’t matter at the moment, just remember what you commit to and do it

is your teacher a kind one, do they help you when you are dying

do they cradle your spirit as you pass from this appearance

if they do, cherish them, they’re your guide

always look for kindness, always look for love, always look for peace

go there and ask honest questions, and get honest answers, true or false, your choice

take the truth and be one day freed from the suffering permanently

the truth does hurt, but it depends on your perspective, some self truths are horrifying to contemplate

like the deaths of 100s of 1000s, millions, to a virus that could have been controlled if it wasn’t for disaster capitalists

disaster capitalism encourages disaster, isn’t this a true act of terror

the disaster capitalists, conscience free because they don’t control what the corporations do, like asset strip a nation state

pass the law that outlaws disaster capitalism, it only serves to destroy

nope no pictures on this one, it’s just that this shit is getting real people, they’ve taken your first defense against fascism, the right to vocal protest

why are they scared of sound

social media is a real boon, if you like being guided by an algorithm to hate

perfect tool in the right hands, perfect at controlling the narrative

we all have a story to tell, fascists like to take our stories too, hide them from historians, close libraries, burn stock

the Tories and LibDems did this, they decided the plebs didn’t deserve libraries anymore

who created the homeless that huddled in the corners of the libraries, the government did

they think they’re so clever don’t they, all tricks, slight of hand flimflam men

and their baying brawls of busterknuckles

sue me, it’d be worth you explaining the offence to a jury, I might just busterknuckle a chapstick

woops forgot can’t protest anymore, right

what next, they can’t take the freedom of speech, it’s a fundamental tenet of their existence, isn’t it

maybe they just need to take it from some of us, just enough to prevent the 43.6% going down so they can continue doing what they want

voter id is a good idea if that’s their intention, also disenfranchising gypsies, cuz bashing them is our shame, we fail their right to exist

playboy fascists, hiring girls, parties, bunga bunga, very exclusive, billionaire’s and their millionaire cronies

bye bye cruel irony of a world, your time’s coming to an end, capitalism will not survive this, many will not survive this

an apocalypse, not the zombie one we expected

death by corona, solar and viral

I will stop soon, I’m tired, so tired

get my peace out of your fucking mouth

anyway, the moral of the story is don’t let them sell ownership to foreigners, even if they speak english, that’s right isn’t it, brexit

so no more foreign born billionaire media moguls owning our press

no more utilities owned by foreign corporations

no more putting sterling into non-dom places

no more tax havens, no more non-dom billionaires owning anything British, pay your taxes or you gertcha

– The Dying Hippy, 2022 & 1973

first rule of brexit club...