I’m not a historian,

just a dude with a degree,

in multiple disciplines,

and I watch a lot of people.

everything we inherit

from our ancestor’s credit

to the invaders that wield power,

was once nothing but an idea

in the twinkle

of some cunt’s eye.

just de-invent it.

just forget such a cruel,

inhumane habit.

if it’s not educated,

then we won’t know this,

it’s how the newspapers

manipulate us.

tell you their truth

according to rupert’s old johnson.

so powerful they can destroy

whole counties in a front page.

just opinion that’s all,

freedom of speech, you know.

if fact coincides

then their suing will arrive,

you’ll know I was telling the truth.

(..if not then I’m just an old fool..)

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

a story of fascism