terrorist in for me.

trouble is I’m just not quite

the right sort of white.

turns out I deviated from the mould,

my choice, apparently to be

like this instead of like we.

the big old wee,

full of power,

let it pee

right into the sea.

watch it make soil

all over our hands!

crazy humans

please stop killing ourselves,

be kinder,

be thoughtful,

be like we really know to.

read about science,

religion and politics,

the thread throughout

is clearly not ultimate.

Buddhism is a religion,

my belief and my vision.

the freedom of the truth,

the joy of compassion,

wisdom in experience,

transform like you are it.

so what is a socialist?

they say it’s kindness

by looking for one another,

guided by principles

of great wisdom,

check your books old romans.

in the office of the day

we allowed offence to take play,

our leaders pissed our money

into fuckfisted nepotistic pockets.

do we condemn the unwise person,

or the damaging nonsense

their parents allowed to grace?

education of all history

would help, maybe?

denial of knowledge

is what the right do best.

instead only lies,

red, blue and whites,

turn your heads

you won’t like what comes next.

samsara is suffering,

every living being experiences,

without end it will continue

until the cycle is broken,

be better people.

my life has seen the best,

the kindest,

and the depressed.

all good people,

deserving respect

and never illegal.

but the ones in charge,

we’ll leave that one to decipher.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

empire of tyranny