why is it wrong for an adult to have consensual relationships with other adults,

why create the rules of marriage?

is it religious or is it law?

is there any difference between faith and law?

has your inspirer, the highest of the higher, the one and all encompassing,

been written about like they’re a person?

if that which inspires takes form as human, that is special, isn’t it?

do you allow others powers to tell you what to do?

is this not a pathway to too many fools?

I prefer the company of the peaceful, the wise,

those that know suffering and still protect from the lies.

whatever your ultimate truth, please, may you only know peace,

but don’t try to convert, I may wish to be sharper than your earpiece,

in the peace of the mind an infinite wealth we can find,

if we wish to find a teacher like this?

once our teacher has been found, follow their rules not the ones of the clowns.

the puppets, mogul of the puppets,

such an obvious story, control the media control the masses,

until the masses notice your asses.

isn’t it good that we don’t allow guns easily?

fight that great tub of lard sitting himself deep inside!

he’s a nut job, a tinpot dictator, take his tinpot and the clown’s back for dinner!

he’s taking the piss, old tory, the little bullingdon boy is trying to touch another wrong’un!

he can’t stay over summer, this bully has had his last dinner,

make his dreams turn to dust as it has for most!

he don’t just fuck the poor, he fucks his colleagues in the slang,

“..corkling flapslack gobson, the very pit of his nob, son..”

“..you know what I mean, old punishment might work on traitors..”

“..you know hang, drawn and quartering might be more to his favour?.”

tell him, old moguling cat, make him know what will happen if he continues with that.

why do you allow him to make a mocking view, do you want the demons to set their sights on you?

you know that the one at the top falls the furthest,

do you think Jesus will forgive you just because the priest said so?

you need seeing to, old man, religion ain’t getting you outer that,

you will burn in the hells you built while you hurled,

the demons curse you for making them beg,

you know that judgement day has already passed?

the party judged you unfit to rule, you go, you mockery of your own damned rules!

his gob filled with his own juice, all severed and loosed,

terrible thoughts, but we once did that not so long ago.

so let’s not return there, cromwell you ain’t,

not churchill, not prime minister to the empress,

you’re a stain on the face of democracy!

so do I hate? no, I just rhyme things,


so what’s the point, eh, some people believe this, some people believe that,

if we choose to persecute others for the beliefs they hold dear,

we make an instant enemy from thin air.

remain in your peace, hold power within,

let the cry out begin as he walks out,

locking the door behind him.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

an argument of strange points