it takes this time for us to orbit the galaxy,

in sooner than 58 million years we’ll get to actually see what’s behind the zone of avoidance,

the great attractor will start to fill the sky with more stars!

that’s a long time to wait, maybe we could learn how not to hate,

build a human dinosaur age, 200 million years of humanity!

imagine if we could surpass the monsters of past,

grow bigger, grow stronger, grow into monsters ourselves.

is that what we want, fewer populous?

bigger and stronger underneath, with big heads and sharp teeth?

who wants this to be humanity’s future?

I have a vision of a planet filled with people who understand that together we are stronger,

divided we succumb.

my politics are closest to green,

the others must also be seen,

for without the diversity they despise,

we’re dead in the water, we face demise.

so if people unite against government we can hold them to account,

peacefully of course, but they may deem it witchcraft.

I am Buddhist and fascinated by druids,

I like their way, the stories and the humanity.

the universe is alive with nature and stories,

inject some of the Buddhist way and I’m there dancing away!

the wisdom that realises that the middle is the way,

the path of the non-extremist.

the secret is that some say I lean left,

never leaning right,

but these political wings are just simply another division upheld by nonsensical tradition.

they didn’t exist until some cock invented them!

if we truly wish to wise up and show truth to power then we can’t go wrong in studying some Ghandi,

the way of peace demonstrates power in the masses,

trouble is it takes great suffering for the masses to amass!

let’s skip the great suffering middleman and just agree to a common goal for all,

we all do not want to suffer, we all want happiness.

this common goal is only argued against by the imbecile,

so wrapped in their blanket of hate,

they choke on their acts to disintegrate.

so much pain, they hurt without realising the worst,

the acts they commit plant the seeds of their defeat.

no-one needs to act against them,

they just need reminding now and again.

remind them of the memorial wall of hearts,

remind them of the Irish as they suffered, troubles and tyranny.

remind them of Turing, remind them of castration,

remind them of all the illegal abortions,

remind them of all the women that died.

remind them of the Holocaust,

remind them that racism and fascism spreads lies.

it is not the desperate for sanctuary that’s the problem,

it’s the nazis that run the tabloids that exploit them.

look at their front pages over their entire life, if you buy them then you fund them, making you a conspirator to their lies.

“ can’t tell me what to read, free speech and all that!.”

of course, so did you ban peaceful protest?

your hypocrisy gains attention of the old darkness of vengeance,

don’t you feel the rage that surrounds like a cage?

the path to peace is not paved with murderers, oppressors and thieves.

if we wish for hell upon others then hell is what we create.

look to the wise, be inspired by the humanities,

wealth is within, only a mistaken mind sees it externally.

whatever we own we lose at the end,

maybe wisdom is who we are?

some are like mountains of virtue,

some are like pits that go down to the hot hell.

every thought, word and deed is the world we leave,

growing into whatever.

as we stand we are mad, travelling circles in the sand,

returning again and again to the suffering.

break the chains of the incorrect mind,

sit in peace destroying the thief,

with kindness and scientific ways.

meditation is key to this mystery,

train the mind, train reality.

so do we think humanity will survive,

230 million years of being alive?

I hope humanity grows small, so there’s more food for us all.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

230 million years