forgive my breaks in time,

maybe a visit to far worlds of unbounded space,

the infinity contained in a bubble of spacetime we call the universe.

“ I’m just an equation to be explained?.”

the flaw is the indifference to humanity,

it leads to incorrect views that people are only quantifiable,

labellable and malleable.

abandon this wrong view,

it is not compassionate or peaceful,

“..if it is, you should probably go see a doctor..”

humans don’t need to stoop to the lowest common denominator,

“..I like stuff, I want more stuff, and chuck out my old stuff..”

the addiction is clear, we want too much stuff,

so much stuff we take from others,

this leads to great inequality and suffering.

to destroy this inequality without killing anybody is a great endeavour,

“..too much for the likes of old musk, murdochs, and truss’ts..”

“ order, they got told they could terraform their arse..”

“ they spray themselves across the universe, fucking morons..”, said the lost and loneliest.

the way of this world is always evolving,

sometimes toothless sometimes toothed.

the end of this post-war democratic social eurostate reality.

instead a topdown bottoms out approach, “..yeah old tory..”

“ getting out of europe we prostituted ourselves to the world..”, who would ever enabled such foolishness?

the british know who, “..we the majority claim rule..”

revolutions are a poor way to change a government, too violent for my child,

for some of us there is no fight,

we crave peace for alright,

without it we perish.

we make songs to bring emotions,

the colours or textures of conjecture,

stories untold by the next generations care givers.

“..if we care for our children why do we allow these cretins to run our prisons..”

“..they’re destroying our children’s world..”

but for those that have no child,

those that can’t and don’t want them,

is it the business of the government to control this?

I trust doctors to be people who chose to care about people,

isn’t that their prime directive?

nurses, teachers, paramedics, transport drivers, posties, bakers, cleaners, and everyone who was looking after our future,


and the booby prize goes to the neoliberal,

“..a bucket of vomit left in the 40°C sun, then vomited into again due to the bedridden..”

“..thank you billionaire controlled neoliberalists, the only true neoliberalist, you show us mere plebs that hard work certainly paid off..”

“ just tell us how to take rebirth into a rich family and we’ll knockoff?.”

the rich are rich because the rich made them rich,

the rich’s richness is directly proportional to the suffering of the most,

“..that how capitalism looks to me, sorry if it’s simplistic, but I’m a simple thing..”

this is what I surmise without a degree in economics.

does the rich lad have an economics degree?

do they know about viruses?

do they know why they’re rich?

they say they’re hard working,

dedicated to their vision,

without mentioning they were rich to start with.

if someone wants power, demand their complete history,

if they broke the basic rules of human decency, right, people,

they would be immediately expelled from all forms of government beyond their own bodily functions.

that’s what the the european convention of human rights means, leaving it would be a grave mistake,

let them take that and they’ll sell you into slavery, charter cities, lands of the lost.

“..come back liverpool, come back scotland, wales is beautiful, and mercy please irish, please forgive my country people..”

england’s sorry? do you think they’d believe us after we voted in a tory?

the whole of the world doesn’t trust us, they think we’ve gone insane.

“..we have dear, I hope we’re about to crush the cnuts..”

I would like to believe that good folk would support us in exchange for cancelling all their debt,

“..oh no, I forgot we killed them, oh fuck mate, we’re screwed..”

the world looks on while the british implode, it’s a historical event,

the death on camera of a living memory empire,

the way it whimpers and farts itself out of existence.

a little like my life to be honest,

“ have to laugh, if you didn’t you’d cry..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

addicted to inequality