honour your ancestors,

without them we wouldn’t be here.

“..free love? hippies and peace?.”

this is darker, “..the deaths of their grandchildren, boom boom boom, eh?.”

“..but the man in the sky told me (via a clergy) that I’d die if I whined!.”

recognise your potential to be truly authentic followers of your compassionate beliefs,

stop dismissing the descendants, “..it’s your fault they’re all woke!.”, you did a good job.

if we didn’t want our children to care about their worlds why did we care about our children at all?

“..those lefty mind games again! socialism would destroy society!.”, says the billionaire rising to infinity,

as the lowest endure their misery.

when the balance of power has shifted so far towards a single world government,

that’s only interest is making money, then we’ve given up.

“..can’t eat money mate..”

“..can’t sleep on a bed of gold..”

“..gaze out your windows at dust storms and angry clouds?.”

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