depends on who you speak to, are they a politician or do they have another job

no second jobs some have argued, they’re paid too much already, I expect them to be concentrating on their MP job at least 48 weeks of the year for that cost

maybe we have too many MPs, anything over a fair representation of the people seems excessive, especially at their price

maybe 600 / 100 * how many people voted for who, simple isn’t it, proportional representation is the goal, progressive alliances are the means

them in charge want to divide the people into left and right, favouring the right, right

so why would I support a system designed to be adversarial, surely this just leads to social division

I’m left, they’re right, right

so who told me I was left, not my parents, they voted for sensible people who didn’t bs, trouble is when they got into power they fucked it up

some managed to get to this lowly stage with such flair they sacrificed their “law and order” ideology to get it done

we, the people, all of us, left and right, all the people are being sacrificed to the climate crisis to ensure the continued worship of the all mighty buck

Buck Rogers Subsisting in the 25th Century, the alternative universe version stuck in the 1970s was more fun, although it shows its time in history well

off the point again, still we don’t want money grabbers in charge do we, they’ll just end up stealing from us all in the end

rich and poor alike, the super-rich will steal it all in the end

– Buck Rogers, 2491

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are UK politicians paid too much