what if we kept it all for ourselves, and our friends were the ones that helped themselves to their share too.

the pillagers mantra, the right wing we call tories are nothing more than hustlers, sales and marketing, insurance and disaster peddlers, price on land means a price on people, people are individually nothing more than limited subsidiaries of the parent company, the British ruling elites, not democracy at all.

but they’ll say “what about our brilliant Queen!”

I think whatever answer we (the reader) believe to be true is true, is this logical or a circular argument.

I’m true because I exist?

I think therefore I am?

we’re back to the manipulation of language, truth is lost to short term intellectual play?

I am a human body, what I talk about says how I wish to be perceived, what I think is mine.

am I mind?


but am I the multitude of thought?

I don’t feel like that; one thought at a time, none of them me.

I think I’m the possessor of the mind, but I’m not the mind.

this brain-based version of mind lacks proof of its core assumption, that there is a reality out there even if there’s no mind to perceive it.

if this is an oversimplification of the flaws of science then please enlighten me, what has science been used for most?

it’s done loads of good stuff; medicine, technology, interesting facts about the observable universe, this is true.

but it’s also given humanity the option to annihilate all lives on earth, on balance it’s pretty fucked up really.

science may be true but seems to lack a moral compass, passed off as not relevant to pure mathematical principals.

mathematics is wonderfully beautiful, it’s in the music, it’s in the light we see, the biological flavours, it’s sexy.

but how does any of this help the woman huddling in a shop doorway begging people for their spare change because she cannot afford her rent, can’t afford food, or to even be a respected part of society.

forgive me for my cursing, it’s pre-emptive, if our society has this then we have all failed to be decent humans, we’re fucking scum.

are you fucking scum?

am I fucking scum?

it doesn’t sound good to me, the tapping on the windowpanes, the knocking on the walls, the shifting of the feet, the whispers in the darkness.

we’re better than this, we’re the people of these islands, now act like it, be decent humans, be the people I grew up admiring, my grandparents!

I offer to those that came before me nothing but praise, but remember that they lived in very different times and perceptions of reality, what they did at times was beyond words of inhumanity.

but they also supported great socialist vision, where did that bright vision go?

why did we prefer the safe little loneliness of condoning liars and criminals?

but it’s what they do, they lie and manipulate the laws to ensure all they need to do is say sorry, how very British!

I’m gonna swear again if I’m not careful, this faux empire sabre rattling Dunkirk spirited twoddle is what the British do best, we’re weird to the rest of the world at best, at worst we’re beyond what the majority consider totally unexceptable.

tories equating to thieves.

so if theft is legal, then they can take whatever they want from any of us, this is fascism.

so what is true wealth; friends, family, society, humanity?

the wise will know the difference, if you know and act upon this knowledge for the sake of the welfare of others then this may be so.

this work was written long ago and I’ve only just found it again, I think it seems still relevant, sadly.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

what if we didn't put our wealth with our friends