I don’t like being English, the history is full of atrocities I would never support, but did my ancestors support them

there’s probably a few in my line that pined over the British empire, but no-one I know

my DNA says I’m predominantly British/Irish, so can I claim Celtic

I’m not a Christian, I have more affinity with Druids and Fae folklore than any church of Christ

so, can I please be Celtic English, I oppose the rule of British monarchy, Tory rule and support the independence of other Celtic nations that make up these islands

there’s some Saxon in there, and some Angles, but I don’t find peace in the Anglo-Saxons, can I identify as simply celtic

is it the job of others to define my national identity, or is it mine through my actions and beliefs

my mother’s line is in Celts, father’s line is more European hybrid but very English

I feel more comfortable with being Celtic than English, maybe others feel the same

am I asking permission to be me, is there a registration form for being a celt, can I relinquish these terrible English invaders that shame my beliefs in nature over empire

I care little for the opinions of those that may be accused of being brainwashed by our Norman invaders, our Viking Saxon and Angle influencers

I welcome peace with those that are proud to be English, British is worse for me, it only denotes rabid empire

so I’m Trinobantes Celt, born to their old lands, all that is called English (and certainly British) is what the ruling elite impose upon me, I refuse this imposition, this nationalism, these invaders chains

– InkeyString, 2022

can I be a Celtic Englishman