beyond cosmic timescales, it’s 10¹⁰⁴, there’s alternative translations that give different results, don’t matter really, just a number that means ‘incalculable’

asaṃkhyeya kalpa is a length of time, an indescribable journey, beyond anything convention can describe, understanding will lead to freedom from suffering

this is the ultimate truth of our long existence trapped in a prison of our own design

we believe it to be so and the universe obliges, no

the universe we sense out there, is intrinsically entangled with all our thoughts, no matter how subtle

the processes our mind can observe through compassionate analysis, we need to remember who we are trying to help, others

the Buddha passed through four asaṃkhyeya kalpas on his way to enlightenment, so many stories, but it’s their last story that matters the most, their teachings

listen kindly upon the old fool’s words, I who have less life ahead than behind, now seeing such manifest suffering, wishes for a long lasting peace with all life

please take my words as advice, see through the ego faces, the masks, I mean them in peace, when peace becomes a dirty word you may as well desire oblivion

– Serenity Tsamcho, 2022

in this asaṃkhyeya