this is a tale
of woe mental health,
the world is crumbling
and we're going to hell.

our children will sleep
under nights under sheets,
too scared of the right wing
don't trust the left thing.

so your children may have died
under underfunded hype,
that the tories may have been unwise
to try kill your kids tonight.

how many more failures
have they done to your neighbour,
waving oodles of tax breaks
for you and your poodles.

don't you believe in charity
that helps saves people,
did the human forget clarity
of moral reflection.

there's plenty of things
my badness may crave,
but the police at my door
telling me they won't save.

some of the things I want
I keep deep inside,
it's being polite
and not killing on sight.

if I had all that I wanted
I'd take over America,
and the whole European Union.

I'd start
by taking over my homeland,
maybe Russia
maybe China.

I'd put puppets in charge
using state billions as treats,
drive the democratic apart
by twisting their feet.

this is the story
of just another tory,
they're all the same
steal your nan for the pan.

I don't want everything I want
I'd be stupid in charge,
I want peace and a rest
from these right wing bastards.

ceilings falling tories calling