why did you change your name?
it was not me,
too gendered apparently.

couldn't be Steph,
my old name didn't give a f.

so I opted for Stevie.

strange name for a beardy,
with a big belly,
too much watching telly.

trouble is I ain't a Stevie either,
not a Mikaiah,
but Tsamchö gets closer.
born to know he'll die.

he lives in Buddhist hell,
in samsara, can't you tell?

his pain is knowing
all he's suffered never ending
in the prison of cyclic rebirth.

over and over again,
the whole length of a life,
the same bullshit he knows at least twice.

Tsamchö is all he sees,
born to die if you please,
his heaven stands still in the breeze.

solitary unknown,
the most unimportant of all,
the one that blew away the lice,
rather than poison mice.

this world is just appearance,
the balanced sit nicely in-between this
and dependently arising form.

my name may keep changing,
but while all are worth saving,
I'll stick around to be useful.

or mean nothing at all.

my name went personal