what are they doing,

hiding in their ruins,

treasure of watchful eyes,

wishing we would believe

whatever we want to

just to keep sanity alive.

their secret is no secret,

they wait in the wings,

while we get distracted

by stupidity and grins.

no clandestine plan,

no idea from the man,

his name is his king,

more wealth for his clan.

no leaders of people,

city street oil,

snake soiled,

substance so feeble.

cast their shadow elsewhere,

go now,

don’t care,

mangled bullingdozer,

successful loser,

mourning the flare.

memory of time gone,

blaming everything

but the one thing

that’s to blame for it all.

their distraction theory,

they distract us daily,

clouding clarity,

bringing misery,

and mental suffering

of every kind.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

conspiracy theory