those that scream,

die in gutters,

ate by nutters.

draw their eulogy

with crude marks,

colour blank barks,

ignoring the brutality,

ignorance of morality.

“ a place high up..”

“..a puppet was stuck..”

“..their name only known..”

“..the only banal grown..”

{..give your gift to someone else..}

{..your world is disconnected from deaths..}

{..where’s mother nature?.}

{..scientific creator?.}

{..we haven’t gone and done it again!?}

dare with dreams?

I hear the screams,

the fear that creeps here,

a nation’s own health.

the poor will be gone,

and with them our tradition

of compassion and wisdom.

being rich is a curse,

burning in the worst,

all wealth an illusion,

the inevitable conclusion,

power’s snatch

flashed at the back,

and away to crave more,

a haunting gore.

question please,

consuming greed,

uncontrolled desire,

animal fighter,

all alone,

completely retired.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

dare to dream