discomfort for idiots,
it’s a dummy,
dating twisted exhibits.

was that funny?
digging out loudly,
it’s depths in my tummy?

can’t see wildly,
failing vision,
just mildly.

what a decision,
loudly wildly mild,
there was no mission.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

The results from ChatGPT…

Write a four verse poem with the title “discomfort for idiots”, please?

Discomfort for Idiots

In discomfort we find growth,
Though it may cause us woe,
It forces us to face our fears,
And makes us stronger, don’t you know?

We learn to adapt and cope,
To rise above our pain,
To push through the toughest times,
And come out stronger again.

So don’t run from discomfort,
Embrace it with open arms,
For it’s in the moments of struggle,
We truly learn to be strong.

For in discomfort lies wisdom,
And strength we never knew,
So embrace the discomfort,
And see what you can do.

ChatGPT, 2023
judge the difference,
AI needs to learn better,
living beings are sentient.

discomfort for idiots