maybe the buildings,

soon fascinating ruins,

will be a hill in the future,

a rich seam of oil,

showing deoxidation of rivers.

a mass extinction event,

if I were an alien

I’d watch earth like a thriller.

along comes a hominid,

not stupid,

just simpler.

powerful always,

ran faster than a sprinter,

navigated by moonlight,

never needed a printer.

make money out of this,

put credit in the dish,

without attachment

to fulfillment

of our deep felt wish.

what we want for ourselves,

rarely coincides with itself.

our belief in the inherent

brings suffering,

this is apparent,

“..we need to meditate on this..”

{..hey, try taking the piss..}

when did I get serious?

the moment grief became love,

a gift from above,

like a rotor

exploding inside.

in the end we may think,

what’s the point in all of it?

why bother being born,

why endure the womb?

not my place,

take a look at our face,

before judging somebody else.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

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