strangely, I don’t, not continuously anyway, I’m more interested in sustainability

capitalism is not new, it’s old, but it’s never been so popular, as a theory it has limitations, without bearing in mind those limitations it becomes unsound

any ideology has limitations, either self imposed or naturally arising due to causality

although the former, self imposed rules should be based on sound evidence,

so why is capitalism unsound, it wasn’t realised by reason, it has been realised by evidence

climate crisis, poverty, starvation, disease, and many other sufferings are at best exacerbated by capitalism, at worst the cruel and inhuman cause of them

but what about money, money isn’t capitalism, money is merely an IOU, socialists use money and have rich people too

capitalism unregulated becomes a money machine, churning out cash to the indebted to be paid to the debtless

the rich are more debtless, the poor are more indebted

but the indebted need to borrow money to pay the debtless who own the very mechanisms that lend out debt, at least at the top of the pile, seems like a circle that’s weighted severely towards the debtless

unregulated capitalism caused the 2008 financial problem, not a person, or a group, but an ideology gone unchecked

if capitalism is a good idea, I need evidence, otherwise I can only assume someone to be complicit in it’s deceit

why is unregulated capitalism a deceit, it promises that which it can’t deliver, forever increasing wealth (if you’d just get off your arses and worked more hours in a better job, ffs)

a member of the English government said this, I can only assume they’re either stupid or have something to hide, probably a lot of money in a tax haven

their real agenda has always been clear, the freedom to take what they want

the perverted mantra of the capitalist, selfish, greedy, duplicitous winners of the prize of planet killers, this is my accusation, it should be everyone’s

that’s our evidence for the failure of capitalism, the destruction of our biosphere

we are way past midnight now, damage limitations are all we have left, PLANT TREES NOW, and brace for impact, thanks

– Squirtz MukTarnished, 2022

do I want the world to constantly improve