why do we admire “not being a sell out” so much, is it honest, we clearly like honesty

I seek truth, or at least try to, I admire honesty in others

it reciprocates respect and admiration

why would we choose someone who’s dishonest, is it because they’re entertaining

good choice for mediums of entertainment, not in politics

politics should be boring, our boredom means we can see nothing to think about, looking for the next thought to be entertained with

this charming man, a stereotypical cad, bounder, general balderdashery, but basically an entertainer who wants all your money so he can party bigtime

if we throw him the greatest party ever would he go away, like an addict needs the fix

desirous attachment, uncontrolled desire, one of the sources of our mental pain and suffering

mental pain coming from craving something that never possessed the quality of inherently existing

independently of any other phenomena, existing in a manner that has so far never been proven by science

science has a basic assumption, put simply, there really is a reality out there

I questioned this assumption in the early 90s while studying for a physics degree, I realised that it was a questionable assumption (quantum mechanics)

science essentially disproved itself to be the hope of freedom from suffering, it seemed hopelessly true in one way only, everything arises from external phenomena

I do not refute good science, I’m not a scientist for one thing, I just know about it, it’s fun, maths games and drawing circles

but there was still suffering, science has lost us the magical experience of existing as a part of it all, just not inherently

anyway, I don’t understand why people believe in false idols, it’s like putting the bullying clown in charge of a country, utter madness

so caught up in the reality that the mesmerising clod distracts us all from his real plan, the demons of our own minds, the only maras we need to battle

to battle those outside ourselves, everyone else, assumes a great deal of knowledge about the nature of what they are

if I met someone capable of teaching the nature of this perfectly, is it real or is it just a figment of my imagination

assuming that it’s all imagined would mean I could control it, make it the way I want it to be

it’s reality is born of causality, stretching further back than we can measure, stretching further into the clarity of the future

what happens when a universe has no more space or time, is it totally dark, like no light

no darkness can exist with its twin, light

but without space or time how can light exist, it can’t, it has speed and frequency, both requiring dimensions to be defined

so what do we have at the endless end, clarity, a universe without obstructions, I don’t know

we must be careful when treading in the intellectual territory of others beliefs, I understand science but I’m not a believer

it’s basic assumptions about how things exist don’t make sense to me, the rest of it is brilliant, no need of this basic wrong assumption

it chooses to relegate the mind of the observer to being passive, this is not consistent with itself, let alone wisdom

quantum mechanics, general relativity, life itself, us, observations of our universe cannot be separated ultimately from their observers

who tells us what to think, do we let someone else do it for us, cowardly behaviour, can’t even sit with our thoughts for 30 minutes without those discomforting words of news

so we let someone else feed our thoughts, drive our life’s narrative, stop following those that want your money, you will end up poor

bronze age trinkets, gems, nice bit of rock, a stick, a fist and sharp teeth, the poor grin through their taut skin, starved of food

will you watch as the poor die, will I watch as the poor die, I have my commitment to the welfare of my son, I know my stand, I am a parent, a poverty is not acceptable in my world, is it in yours

it’s hard to describe my feelings on the matter, they’ve kind of drifted off somewhere I can’t see anymore, then there’s a photographic reminder of what was

this is a hard sadness to face, but loss is the nature of a human life, it’s nature is suffering

we must recognise this in ourselves and others equally

this is where equality starts for humans, human rights, any government that wishes to tinker with this is unlawful, therefore protesting about them would be lawful surely, freedom of speech and all that, we don’t live under fascist rule, do we

fascists rule, powered by capitalism it drives a stake in the earth’s crust, and attempts to carve her up

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the earth is fighting back, do we still think we can win against a planet that’s literally our life support system, think of all those viruses locked up in the permafrost for all those millions of years

earth dies, we die, simple

earth nurtured, we’re all nurtured, simple

so does democratic eco-socialism make sense, it’s not quite communism, communism is what we do when we help each other, it ain’t political

socialism is a methodology to structure communism, it must also be democratically accountable and proportionally representative of the people

capitalism is what happens when one person starts to get more resources than another, the only real reason is that they want it

they want it, the rich, they want to be richer than other people, how far do they go with this addictive game, are they willing to kill to get richer

there is great profit in conflict, whether it’s cultural or murderous

to some all war is murderous if it kills someone, this is logical, do we choose the path of dehumanisation, is that who we are, cogs being worked by the corporations of the rich

what if all the cogs fell off at the same time, because they died of disease, poverty, famine or war

are the rich wise enough to judge when to put the breaks on, no, they show little sign of this realisation (check out what they do when they COPout)

I like the green parties, all the parties should adopt more green into their symbols/logos/insignias/motifs/icons/policies/ethos, don’t you think

the basic assumption is that we have a country that considers the rule of law (human rights) to be sacrosanct, so why are they still in charge

come on, shout at them, make them listen or make them bugger off

– Tsamcho Vetala, 2022

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

I like Corbyn, he seems like a good man, as long as I ignore what billionaires say