evolution towards the bright,

translucent night,

descendant’s right.

if given the choice

between eugenic’s voice

and kindness given,

I choose the latter,

the god-like position.

in cruelty is born

the demons we scorn,

the dark history we’d share

with those down there.

the shame of neglect

of the empathic connect

that favours the progress

that brings angels success.

belief makes little difference,

the causality is definite.

those that live by virtue

may be revered by the few,

but those that live by the faults

will be hated by all.

nightmares in hell,

feelings forever can tell,

the killers, the thieves,

the rapists and their deeds,

will bring their own brands,

the toxicity of their plans,

poisoning minds

and the hatred just climbs.

the peaceful seek rest,

in their actions they test.

did I travel light,

did I stop my plight?

or did I give in,

let my desires win?

© Copyright 2022, IsatTM

future light