not definite,

the difference must be met.

neither side has the truth,

either side is correct,

albeit all sects.

only as a whole

understood as it’s parts,

is nothing more

than just that,

no more than it blurts.

still correct,

not the whole truth,

united with one that negates.

the expert cries fake,

they have a stake

in the belief they have come to know.

all sentient beings share these delusions,

the one that obfuscates illusions,

bringing the confusion,

barred from wisdom’s greatest evolution.

the realisation of this,

I have heard,

is the freedom from suffering for humans.

kindness then rains

like blessings from heavens,

the hearts of all

know freedom from the fall,

effort is forever endless,

perfectly effortless,

the destination for all,


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