not antisocial,

just nonsocial.

not darkness,

just dark.

sounds pessimistic,


or sadistic?


but not here,

we prefer beer.

(if I drank it)

late 70s,

brown beiges,

colourful hair,

a mad stare.

that’s what I saw,

the desperately poor,

twisted middle mask,

pissed off with their class.

grange hill,

blue peter,

newsround repeater.

machine gunners,

magic boxes,

pigs on horses.

custard pies,

flan flingers,

davidson before dinner?


yaffle waffles

about nothing at all.

autistic like forever,

this world thinks it’s clever,

“ ain’t, it stinks..”

“..we’re all gonna sink!.”

so clever we’re sterilising

the planet from human beings!

“..duh, yeah, it’s the capitalist over there..”

the one that’s sitting right here.

“..are you sure?.”

only others define so,

“’s just darker..”

far darker,

“..than anything they know..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

goth gen x