when we hear a noise we sense a wave,

when we see light we sense the same,

why don’t we apply this wave-particle-duality to taste, touch and such?

if we’re capable of sensing more than just these few,

if we use our minds as the tool,

to break physics rules.

the basic assumption that reality is born from the external is ludicrous,

assumptions are objects of mind, they appear to have no physical precursor.

if this is the case why not use the mind to help the world to peace,

by bringing this peace to mind.

find your teacher, your guide first,

if you don’t trust your senses, ensure they have form.

look for kindness you will find kindness,

just question those that inform,

it’s simple, but they will threaten your life, so look for the guide that offers sanctuary.

they used to use swords and armour, now they take our children in economic slavery,

if I’m incorrect, I welcome wise debate.

if those that argue lie to you, ditch them, at whatever level or class,

if they apologize for their lies they will be forgiven once they have given back all that was stolen,

whether it’s in penance for the unforgivable offense,

or the lie that killed hundreds of thousands.

they partied instead of seeking the wise advice,

incompetence is least of their crimes.

they change the law so they can steal more,

they’ve been doing it all along.

“..the balance is way off..”, we splutter and cough.

“..please ensure that the next gen will pay for it again!..”

the sonics of our world are so vain,

“..poor little snowflake lost his nanny’s pancakes..”

“..poor little toff, little snortington trough..”

“..little lady nads, there you go-nads..”

“..she ate anus and toe, explains a lot, don’t you know..”

“..snake in the ass, puff meister himself, is a toady..”

“..cruella de himler thankfully got no support..”

“..the spawn of mordor, navy spare part, admiral acting sub-fart..”

“..you what!.”

I can’t keep listing them, I’m running out of curse words!

damn you tories, you’ve taken my buggering gob shites,

gone too far now, if I can’t swear then I swear.. ow!

“..we’ll just have to siege them out of shop..”

“..strike then the iron’s hot!.”

“..defend ourselves from traitors and thieves..”

the world is still vibrating at breakneck speed,

slow it down, take more care,

“..stop being distracted over there!.”

the world needs repair, stop fossil fuels if you dare,

solar has been proven to be cheap to run and cheaper to sell,

“..but it struggles against the corporate liar, the one who’s been holding debt and fire..”

can we start again, with good science,

it’s the key part of the solution,

from the peace that’s within and science without,

may we build better for our children than our leaders tout.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

harmonics of the strings