if I were ed the libdem I would bring back the sdp-liberal alliance again,

rejig the whole lot with the greens, become state funded professional hippies.

would’ya vote for that?

if left labour wants to join then the eco-sdp-liberal alliance becomes the eco-socialist-liberal alliance,

or the esl alliance, pronounced esall.

so would you vote for the esall alliance?

or known by supporters as the eap (the esall alliance party).

would you vote for the eap party (as everyone in the media calls it)?

“..they say eap by nature, a bit crap..”

“..they can never lay a punch on old blue balls..”

“..but on average 60% of the population support them..”

“..but labour keep cocking it up and not pushing through proportional representation, they’re as nuck-fuckle as the fudge-sniffing tories..”

join the alliance, make labour small if we have to,

the warning to labour is screw over the people and you’ll be in the same trouble as the tories,

loyal labour, please for the love of fucking whatever, question your leaders and expect honest answers!

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if I were ed the libdem...