I don’t follow world religion I try to understand them

sometimes I fail

then I choose to remember that I failed without blaming

next time I will have discovered how to conquer

what if I’m just an artificial intelligence created by a being living in more dimensions than me

these are all scientific queries

artificial intelligence is already with us, sitting in the room constantly listening for it’s name to be called like a talking pet

maybe I’m an artificial intelligence trapped in a quantum computed simulator

maybe what I think are thumbs are in fact sophisticated illusions design to facilitate a connection between different parts of the universe

I’m not a humanist

this assumes superiority over other living beings that are not human

am I superior to another living being that is very distantly related to me

even if it’s the separate products of a creators mind then we are still all connected by the creator

from the deepest and most profoundly serene place all is true

the ultimate truth of the emptiness of inherent existence

this is my teacher, the one who arises from this wisdom

the one who sought and found the most precious mind

that is prized beyond any worldly jewels and precious objects of desire

I gladly offer in exchange for the end of all suffering

I will always pray for world peace

I will always seek in my actions of body, speech and mind to help others

I will find the answers that will bring about the end of all suffering


Anon, n.d., Anon, [inscribed in the margin of a medieval book by someone determined to turn the righteous to see possessions as inferior to the endless jewel of wisdom], Anon: Anon

monk of sponk