if I was righteous would that make me right wing

if I was left wing would that make me lefteous


therefore the premise that the ring wing are righteous is highly questionable

anyone can be righteous to their own truth

I know ring wing people

I even like some of them

these ones do care if people are starving

they just have difficulty seeing their own people this way

will they only notice when the starving appear in the UK

the ones with the big bellies due to malnutrition

the ones dying of a survivable condition because the health service is too expensive to them

did the creator make that happen

who do we worship

we worship wealth because the religious said we’d be righteous to do so

we drink the blood of our planet in high-fructose corn syrup

we consume the body of our planet in hormone injected meat

cleansed by the chlorination-like universal spirit

the planet and my creator

this body is nothing more than the end branch of an evolutionary line that has been supported by my planet

I wonder how much of my body is made of my planet and how much is made of outer space stuff


what political wing am I on

whatever political wing that helps all people whatever wing their on

ever seen a bird or insect try to fly with one wing


Anon, n.d., Anon, [burp-talked out by a German person disguised as a German person living down someone’s street not in Germany], Anon: Anon

burp talking