libraries should be open during only school hours and be linked to all local schools at every level

so 9am to 3pm, youngest times are maintained

I will never vote for a government that enforces more hours on my child

my child and I would be fighting you on this with a great deal of subtlety

we know something about the shadows

you see the shadows in the corners of your rooms

they used to dance to the rhythm of the fire

humans need the rhythm

whether we play it or just listen, only a very small minority don’t like music

does your child like to dance, move to a beat, wave their arms to the rhythm

do you

even if it’s as organised as ballroom dancing, or as free as our heart

there’s joy in the dance within

to those that know their physical bodies won’t dance, the mind can play without limits

imagination is powerful, imagine if it focused on only meaningful things

imagine joy springing from the imponderable appearance to our minds


mental peace

peace of mind

what does peace mean to you

who do you wish for peace for

you, your country, your species, your planet

why look for more earths

what does JW expect to find

what do scientists look to find, truth of what

what is the truth you’re trying to find

everything arose from external conditions, this seems to preclude a position on quantum science philosophy

but the gods of the quantum say that to understand any state you must include all possibilities otherwise the wavefunction breaks

physics bsc back in the early 90s, I understand enough to appreciate the beauty of quantum theory (and plenty of high probable evidence wavebreaks at the same conclusion, we see it all around us with our eyes)

is it a hologram

like Star Trek or Star Wars or Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

the last one scared me once, a group of characters could take their heads off

I digress from my original point, libraries are important

they are free education establishments

don’t like it, the only qualification is being able to read, look at pictures, listen to audio books

just make them absolutely quiet spaces

and open for the youngest of us all

they have to stay quiet though

stock library photo cuz I got lazy

I liked libraries as they used to be, quiet