don’t ask ourselves what’s in it for me

ask what’s in it for the person asking us

popularity politics games

charm us

entertain us

support us

support them

the idea must be bigger than the personality

rich little demagogue who despises experts because they know stuff

humans once sought out the wise

the qualified and knowledgeable

they know how to keep us alive

they care about society

they would always seek peace in the chaos

why do we vote for the entertainer rather than the qualified expert

the slight of hand flimflammer

do I see the office clown when I have an ailment

do I drive when I’m the most entertaining, drunk

an expert told me this back in the 1970s

that and how to look out for drunk drivers, thanks Jolly Green Giant

or something like that

anyway, why put our knackers in the hands of a juggler

I know what I prefer, and it ain’t an entertainer

I want someone who knows how to leave office with more money for the collective than when they started

if we look too closely at something expecting it to go wrong

it will go wrong eventually, mine used to be a Murphy’s

so how do we circumvent this

we don’t, we accept that this perception of reality is always going to be impermanent

but there is greater depth beyond this reality

careful not to drown

“…just keep swimming…” – Dory 2003

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