does it matter what words are used?

have we forgotten how to interpret gestures?

“..I see you’re stealing the wealth of others..”

should I trust their words over their actions?

no, if they have proven to be liars and thieves,

then “..let them show their words are more powerful..”

“..we’re just common sense, you know, that gut feeling..”

I possess the constitution of a typical human being,

I can mask to allow the charlatans to fiddle the expenses.

“ know the foreigners and the poor..”

“..don’t forget the old and disabled..”

or should and be an or?

“..right, so the foreigners, poor, old or disabled..”

so your ancestors, “ ain’t the first people..”

your neighbours, “ care that they’re getting poorer..”

your parents, “..the older ones who helped you get older..”

the lost and the despairing, “..they’re fleeing from a country torn by war..”

where’s the kindness gone now?

“ filled with hate for everyone other..”

“..lost in the darkness of despair for the guilt felt here..”

that guilt means little to me,

guilt is unhelpful in seeking the answer,

shame would be more appropriate.

“..but all I gotta do is say sorry for all the shite I did to your anxiety..”

seek true reality and always question it.

it’s only in the thought’s negation can the truth be found,

seek the answers from a qualified spiritual guide,

(thankfully they’re still around!)

follow the path of no more sorrow,

still the mind,

feel the beat,

of a thousand beating wings,

a thousand thousand more,

all protecting us from the fall into that samsaric hawl.

we’re always so close to that permanent protection,

the better world where bodhisattvas vocation.

a place that earth’s words only come back esoteric,

“..weird stuff about sitting cross-legged on a mat..”

nope, just sitting up straight wherever we’re at,

calm our mind in our breathing,

find peace in just being.

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