was the blue pill a good pill?

doctors wear blue.

the nurses too.

is the uk nhs one usa shill?

do you want that?


the nhs isn’t perfect, it’s british,

the british do perfectly imperfect well-ish.

however the world now sees us as naked and perverse,

“..a flabbering gash of cash and carrying on johnson’s ass!.”

it’s their religion,

and what do the british do to weird religious factions?

“..we send them to america, they’ll love them millionaires..”

“..just imagine the amount of wonger they’ll make there!.”

thankfully our tea went into the sea,

and our stock went through our belts.

empires will always dissipate to redistribute the wealth,

the neoliberalists are the ones with the stealth,

“..they’re the billionaires, wanking up themselves!.”

“..defendant decendants all cumming for their health..”

“..they’re happy to clean the blood off your money..”

“..avoiding the screens by scattering shite honey!.”

what is our enemy?

it is the mind that thinks such things,

a disease of the mental variety,

“..allowing oneself to become someone’s property..”

how can we attain a view that sees only truth?

when I look in a mirror for my health,

I see the reflected image of what I think is myself.

this is not how I appear to others,

this is therefore a false admirer,

we understand this and carry on buster.

this should be wisdom of what we perceive,

the reality that we believe.

we look at the disaster and question who caused it,

was it my ancestors, or possibly me?

biology tells us there is no difference, evolutionarily.

“..just the node in the dna’s story..”

“..a selfish code that governs our physicality..”

“..the way we behave is as slaves to dna’s mindless depravity..”

so in our mind is the source of our reality,

does anything else make sense when you sit alone with this actuality?

we need understanding of the importance of compassion.

compassion and wisdom working in perfect unison,

mirroring their truths for everyone that listens,

find peace in whatever your reality is saying,

contemplate it out,

reside in there in peace and no doubt.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

wishing for the medicine of compassion