a newspaper printing the truth, now that could be really bad, do we want to know

what if they’ve done the worst, convinced us they’re on our side, and realising they deceived us

do they have a terrible wish for themselves, do we have a terrible wish for ourselves

please question our leaders, they must answer our questions now, make it their primary job, if they don’t listen we find a way to protest

can they sack us all, what if we all stayed home one day, peaceful and contented

for them, those that crave like the worst of any addicts, chimping at the tit over all the wonger

fancy that you could survive in a world where most of the people are now dead

imagine that, a claim to fame being the fact we survived, but not the rest

will the greedy really inherit the earth, that’s not what a wise man once said

this makes good sense, it leads to a compassionate state of mind, only this can lead to greater happiness, why

first, what is good sense, it’s logical validity requires us to know what is good and what is bad

good leads to happiness, bad leads to suffering, simple enough

bliss is happiness, wisdom defends all human rights, simple enough

to get this bliss means developing compassion, we all know compassion, if not please go find it

to gain this wisdom means listening to the wise teacher, if you can’t, then pray to meet one

do something if you see suffering, protesting has now been highly restricted, we must develop a more subtle strategy

perhaps a methodology that has proven itself to many to be true

politicians seem to be following a view that is clearly destroying the world, both physically and otherwise

so let’s all get a day off in which we all have to do our community job, in addition to having Saturday and Sunday off, sounds fair

could I run a library on my social work day, I’d like that, just keep the effin noise down some of us are trying to sleep

maybe write stuff that helps, even if it’s lost in madness and mirth

– Zebdy Fringe, 2022

if you think that's bad, get a load of this