in the process of waking my mind to it’s nature,

I thought I was a peaceful and mindful meditator,

but as I released my buttoned down refrains,

stopped pretending the quiet facade was well trained,

it turned out I’m actually (to somes dismay),

a non-binary, left reactionary, nut-case!

an irritating autistic with a beard full of biscuits,

a nut kicking old punk raging at those tory cunts,

“..string him up by his nads and beat wiff waffian pads!.”

but he’d probably enjoy it, that deviant tory!

time to move to a great land, maybe a New Zealand?

where the Jacinda is fair, a lot fairer than here,

or maybe just get swept away,

by the Scots and their right to say,

the English were wrong all along.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

introspective meditation gone mad