the earth now a smouldering echo of it’s past,

no complex life just the first that appeared now appearing last.

the deserts now stretch to the ends of the world,

pockets of shaded mud hide bacteria and stuff.

roaming the barren wastelands are the spirits,

now long gone from their fossils.

this is the spoiler, the final days of our water,

the last of the aeon of life in the universe.

no more will eyes gaze on the stars in the sky,

the moon gone too far away to be light.

the silent breeze of the sun washes away the last apparition,

a hot rock that once laid claim to be life’s exhibition.

now no one to see, no one to feel, the humans failed to colonise,

spread their wings and find paradise,

instead they fought about who had the most shiny gold.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

the ghosts of complex life