what I mean is that it’s intangible,
it’s not physical, right?

wrong, apparently it’s as fundamental to science as energy, amazing stuff!

so why do I still feel it’s to do with the mind apprehending the phenomenon as information, in the end?

so a particle, let’s say, can be described by bits of information, the equations say it can,

these particles exchange information in quantum fields, as bosons:

the bosons exchange info and change the information of fermions, right.

but this is only true when an observer observes the state, and breaking the wave-function of the system,

so the moment we look with a certain energy at the thing we’re observing,

is the moment the system no longer exists in it’s natural superpositioned state.

I overstate the “nature” part, once described, a system loses it’s unknowable properties,

the very action of perceiving phenomena changes the phenomena!

sciences are brilliant, we should consider helping them more by encouraging them not to be funded by tyrants, maybe.

I’m reminded of some film tropes I’ve seen in which the scientific genius is kidnapped by the wicked capitalist dictator.

capitalist dictators in the films are always after money through threatening to blow up the world with nuclear bombs,

they’re old films too, maybe they’re portents and not just stories!

you mean we’re actually allowing Dr. No to take over the world,

the joker, the deceiver, the conman.

dancing the night away to the deaths of people,

this is not decent, no one good does this, it’s blatantly taking the piss!

forget all the rest, just dead cats,

it’s not just the parties, more so the lies.

if he lies about this, what else has he done, still doing?

the security risks that were allowed to take place,

putting the whole system of British democracy into question, btw there never was one!

it’s has always been governed by the very rich, by grace of the monarchy,

great powerless ones, say things that make sense and get shot down by the press!

old fool, Mogul Murdoch rules the Brits,

get rid of this subtle dictator and let us have some peace.

so much bile in his chest it spews out over his press,

foul creature from overseas, you’re the only foreigner I’d like to see get kicked out of our lands!

that and the nazi sympathisers descendants, strip them of wealth, they’re vicious, insidious,

run away to your money oversees.

the tax avoidance is rife, they changed our laws to cleave our wealth,

to admire such! I despair.

“…but I want to be rich too!..”

at what cost, read ya science nuckfuckle,

conservation of fucking energy, half-witted buffoon!

if I am richer than others then I have too much,

“…why should I care!..”

the world that you make for you and your mate,

is the world that your children and children’s children will see only through hate.

makes sense when you think, it puts us firmly on the brink,

the world is about to shake, she’s awakening, she’s awake!

old earth is changing, you’re just gonna stare?

calm her down with some fresh air, maybe a coat of trees,

we call earth she because she is the great mother.

the one that allows us to be, but couldn’t just be…

we had to be more, more and more,

take more than the rest, the great aim of the capitalist.

be warned, the earth is a mother, and good mothers care for all their kids, even the shits,

but she does get angry, and when she does there’s nowhere to run!

she’s wiped her surface of life throughout much of her strife,

been hit by a planet, made a big moon, got very hot and wet,

bombarded by rocks, some small, some not.

do we really think humanity is greater than she?

seems like the capitalists are prepared to see what she does!

so back to my point, there’s this thing called information that seems to tangibly exist as a fundamental part of our existence,

moulded by us, beating us into shape,

believe in the lies and your world becomes those lies,

change ourselves for the better, care more for kids futures,

we might be dead too soon and gone.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

isn't information something the mind does?