be careful what you search for,
google might end up knowing something about us
that will shock and appal.

vibrate higher is what has been said,
vibrate, what does that mean?

I don’t vibrate, do you?
I have been known to dance,
to sing and growl,
am I wearing a cattle bell?

am I nothing more than a burp,
a murmur down below?

a mere steam in the skin
making reality spin?

higher powers it has been said,
superior built sheds,
the call of the markets,
like relays in circuits.

what if I vibrated higher?

would my heart beat faster?

would I giggle with laughter?

would I dance away my feet?

will I ever awake from sleep?

the clouds creep into my eyes,
just old age I think.

some have said I look young,
when I was a little younger.

now I recall
maybe one year or multiple,
I looked at myself and drifted,
to the realisation,
a dark revelation,
that I was never looking better.

that was true,
now age shows the truth.

age comes to us all,
this realm demands its toll,
in the end we give up,
die in our muck,
and carried off to be born.

time to forget this world,
make plans to never return,
be at peace,
be the dream of your relief,
find refuge and sanctuary,
cross the spiritual boundary.

it's a bugger getting old