quantum universe time,
at what point does it make sense?

is it when we see it move,
considering our limited circumstance.

when it moves it takes time,
something we can measure in space,
it takes time to measure
even the smallest base.

that’s where (and when) gravity starts from,
broken at that particular atom,
or collection thereabouts.

so where did it go?
where’s it’s flow,
it’s quantum mechanical glow?

it ain’t there,
gravity disappeared
into thin air.

into the infinite,
occupying space’s
exclusion principles.

or not,
gravity ain’t fair,
it’s hiding from us
transdimensionally in there.

so rare is this air,
our minds must be clearer,
cleaner than the kindest of care.

beyond the moment,
without abiding for an instant,
always changing,
never moving,
no truth to compare.

shambala may exists,
to the minds that perceive it,
but it exists no more real
than any skyscraper made of steel.

potala of the other space,
an illustration disbelief
is all the modern world can bequeath.

arrogance in belief,
an insidious chapter,
following all the leaders into hell,
sands and seas cover them in shells.

mind is the answer,
where the truth always hides,
explains ourselves,
the destroyers of realms.

humanity can always be more,
more of what is the question,
is it heaven or hell?
how can we tell?

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

quantum universe time