socially sanctioned slavery,

when they ask for that extra hour,

they take your labours,

sell them for favours,

but none for owners of those souls.

that nurse that stays to hold our hand,

the worn out worker,

threatened with benefits torture,

stolen from their lives,

the joy beyond just survive,

tracked all their time,

mistrust becomes sublime,

a toxic gas,

mouthed from their ass.

the rotting decay,

of generosity’s last day,

the kindness forbidden,

muted into submission.

people must protest,

just not here, guest,

the advantages so elusive,

the beliefs so obtrusive,

that church of the state

has nothing more to say.

failed teachers,

freedom snatchers,

stay in the past,

forever be remembered

as the nazis we cast.

be buried by shit

thrown at virtue,

the ignorant beliefs

that choke and curse you.

the out there that’s dragging you down,

everyone else who’s around.

without judging the difference,

be wiser in our instance,

that the next person you meet

is just another being human.

© Copyright 2022, IsatTM

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