if I have to wait for an apology,

then I have fallen into sophistry.

to accept without conditions,

the appearance that is given,

by the deluded mind,

that destroys humankind,

we save no-one,

especially ourselves.

forgive them without apologies,

a kindness to your mind,

remember peace we need to find.

without peace within,

how can peace turn out,

only the darkness,

the menace

of the hatred we shout.

the barbaric is the ignorance,

bred into the followers

of false gurus,

greedy leaders,

gold worshipping horrors.

remember that stone,

the time capsules of the past,

the truth is shown.

the wisdom that was asked,

making life grow

and the evolution uncontrolled.

in the time humans have been,

many things have been seen,

a couple of million years is enough

of this apocalyptic stuff.

maybe it’s time an end came,

to the polluters,

the bankers reign,

a doffing to royal cap,

the tribalism of crap.

we’re individuals in a whole,

not bundles

to be fondled

by power hungry moguls.

we stand together

against the deluded

mentality that fares

the troubled and striken

as disposable de-humans.

they proclaim to be godly,

they cite selected scripture

without warranty.

their aims are clear,

they want to be peers

to the greatest in all history.

they fall terribly short,

their heads hit the ground

before their sex drowns.

the power is taken

by abuse and misdirection,

given away by the faithful,

so meek and disabled,

(..eventually labelled..)

I will forgive,

but I’m unable to forget,

the loss and the pain

of all that I’ve met.

without letting go,

the madness just grows,

consuming my life,

destroying future’s paradise.

© Copyright 2022, IsatTM