Milton Keynes
River Great Ouse
linear parks
balancing lakes
Sites of Special Scientific Interest

It may startle some political economists to talk of commencing the building of new cities … planned as cities from their first foundation, and not mere small towns and villages. … A time will arrive when something of this sort must be done … England cannot escape from the alternative of new city building.

T. J. Maslen, 1843

this is the logical conclusion of capitalism, destruction of the environment by concreting over everything natural, man knows best (sic)

are we really not going to heed the warnings from history, the slippery slide into the darkness

I’ve been to Milton Keynes way back in the 80s, I was a child, it seemed peaceful, but I was a child

your town is a fascinating phenomenon I know little about

– Chip Ping-Lumsted, (.com (sic)), 2022

Milton Keynes