this is for any belief, any belief that’s different to mine

attacking people for their beliefs is outrageous, whether it’s religious or simple ideology, like capitalism, socialism, rule of law types, calm down mate

so, the grand mold puke of pork, he had 10,000 thugs, he marched them up and down a bit, as they muttered "he's a c..."

and when he was high he was high, and when he was down he lashed out

and only in his half-baked mind, that his agenda aspired a crown

buy your way into the ultimately doomed, the place the rats don’t go, too dark, scarey and eternal

watch for the real cryptids, they always come in the end, porky pork markets

gif image of a potential leader of the world

so does this bother me, should it bother me, should I just say social media is just paranoid

does social media breed paranoia, maybe people didn’t die of terrible things through wanton incompetence of the powerful

maybe they’re not trying to flog the country’s achievements (the problem is they are)

as if choosing a different party makes a difference, they’re all the same, so what does it matter

who said this, did you read it somewhere, they’re all the same, pull the other one floppymaggot mogul, it’s got something shittier on it

the stench of malcontent, malicious, manipulated, mahogany pigflesh

if you think the old gammon is right, pick right, watch as your children’s futures are taken

ecological democratic socialism isn’t just an ideology, it’s the only way humanity will survive

capitalism has shown its real worth, only the already rich benefit from it

show me a truly selfmade person and I yield to their example, they’re the exceptions not the norm

nothing with being rich, just stop deluding yourself that your wealth is there without acknowledging who helped you get it

without this recognition there will only ever be pain in the end, just you and your money, in the end it’s just you and your nothing

…and back to the beginning again…

I’m getting off this ride, this race to the bottom isn’t my cup of tea at all, feeling really quite bilious

sponsor me if you wish, just let me know, I have a child to feed, blah blah blah

everyone suffers, everyone loses someone, everyone dies in the end

so what’s the point of clinging to the shiny stuff, the chains that bind me to this all consuming ideology, so deceptive in it’s allure

it promises a better life and locks us into a new addiction

I wish I could help others, I’m just too disabled now, lazy bastard

if this is what you think then you have not known much suffering, good for you, good for you

so my belief leads to encourage kindness, love and compassion, develop wisdom, be fearless in the defense of these, take suffering and give happiness, and loads more

so what is being taken, my right to protest vocally by the lawless in power, their avarice so rampant it’s normal

levelling us all into poverty, then hatred and rebellion

I may be hungry, old or disabled, but I’m proud of my country’s successes, while acknowledging the suffering of empire’s rule, statues smatues

all suffering under this rule, they still rule us all, I don’t believe in being ruled by anyone, do you

people do a job of running a country, they don’t rule us, they’re our employees, our representatives in government, not the king of shite

no matter what happens, democratically take back control, bring fairness in representation

we are not to be divided again, my white grandfather, a gentle kind man, once said something racist, but his best mate was black, make sense of that

our world is just doomed regardless of what people do, so what’s the point

there is no point to this universe, it just is, and we’re lucky enough to make up some wonderful things that have no evidence

like money and fame, easily forgettable, it was never someone’s wealth that makes them interesting, it’s how they got to be wealthy

mix them two up and you’ll be chasing unicorns to unicorn hell

a sleeping child still worries their parent(s) awake

this concern for our people should be what keeps our leaders awake at night, not their fear of what we’ll do if we found out what they’ve been doing for 40 odd years (a lot more if you think internationally)

I will always pray that they see sense, but when your senses are distorted by the luxury yachts and dolly birds, what chance is there to see sense

– Thom Mithowlin-Brow, 2022

if I see an attack on belief then I fear the future