I just saw a thing on youtube,

it was about future cities,

all insulated with mycelium.

what if it evolved by spreading so wide?

they had chairs made of mossy stuff,

and carpets made of grass,

never sat on a sofa made of life.

what if the mycelium goes up the proverbial?

direct organic link to everything observable?

our own personal internet that’s all public and visible.

what if we find compassion instead of aggression,

understanding to help eliminate oppression,

understanding becomes wisdom.

“..for me, the suffering is in the wishing I had been the one that died instead of her..”

“..the plan that was lost just because of cost, will haunt me until the end..”

“..it’s too late to blame, they’re gone now..”

“..there’s now too much pain, I can’t hold to this insanity..”

then take a rest, mate it’s late,

sleep and dream of wonderful things,

no more shooting ourselves in the face.

so waffles, why squaffle?

they’ll be made of the stuff fungi makes,

they want us to live in the fluff that rots stuff,

returning us all back to soil.

we’re dust while the stuff that rots gets lost,

life will return to the sea,

the air too difficult to breathe.

then all complicated life disappears,

as simple life takes it again.

then the sea evaporates,

soon the earth is just a rock,

this will all happen, eventually,

but we have a lot of time, actually,

there is always hope, believe in humanity.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

mycelium and waffles