just the old joke,

the ones that have

and the ones that hain’t,

don’t matter what wing you swing,

are you good to those

that do good come what may?

rejoice in the care givers,

shower them with gifts,

give them a fair wage

for the lives they save.

fully funded,

people owned,

renationalised health service.

the tories fear the cost to their peer,

the rich man,

the landlord,

the proverbial fat cat.

it ain’t foreigners that I fear,

it’s that government up there,

their behaviour is illegal,

without mandate to govern,

any of us here.

they decree that we need poverty,

while they scrimp on necessity,

take bribes from the donors,

give vip contracts for their coffers.

complicit in this are all mps

that say nothing,

avoid the spotlight,

distract with jungle bollocks,

that’ll keep ’em quiet.

all the time they sell our health

down the creek,

along with our waste

straight out into the sea.

we demand an election,

the echo chamber shouts out,

no response from the elite,

it just didn’t have the clout.

maybe I will died in westminster’s square,

disgust the snowflakes

that can’t begin to bare,

that some will die by their command,

whether willing soldiers,

or cold and hungry old nan.

for want of a way,

just to say,

please, no matter how you see it,

the state of the tory party

is terminally shit,

they no longer govern,

they rule,

they show us cruelty,

they make us small.

if you wish to be free,

stop tolerating the ignorance,

the billionaires fowl fragrance,

bullingdon eton boy’s fall.

stop the repeated futility,

of voting for that inability,

the incompetent buffoon,

is only a leader to fools,

be better and listen

to all the suffering calls.

stop listening to the racists,

the fascists and the rapists,

the criminals in power,

the insurrectionist coward.

the one that lies so deep inside,

you refuse to admit the dupe did it,

the mop haired fake shyster,

grabbed your pussy

and made you liked it.

dear friend,

if I may,

just say,

you can now go away,

never to be seen again.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

no right or left