please forgive those

that will never do it again.

how is there a better future,

if we give up on those

that have been wrong in the past.

never lose forgiveness,

it’s a protector against villains.

forgiveness does not mean leniency,

it does not mean allowing charlatans,

conmen, the old banker’s boyfriend,

to screw us in the ass again.

the clergymen of the city,

suited and booted,

venture capitalist scout.

multimillionaire prime minister,

once banker that tanked the pound,

now repeating the horror,

on our nans and our crowns.

do we generation of the non-gens,

raise our voices above the fascist then?

the one ring to rule them all,

no matter how small,

in the hands of the rich,

we end up in a ditch.

so how can we overcome,

this anomaly in ourselves,

the one that makes us hairy,

but we can’t stand the smell.

hair is for the animal,

the human beast,

light on the feet,

singing so sweet.

god in the human,

is a greatness to behold,

those that are filled by wisdom,

compassion is their religion.

seeking the divine,

in the simple.

still eating mince pies,

still sleeping it off in the skies,

enjoying life,

enjoying connection

in ridding us all this affliction,

make the wise choice,

vote in elections,

listen to the kind voice.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

human anomaly